Building a social movement

Our client realized that a new regulation could have implications for their business, but that only mattered to them.


With the support of a team of economists and industry experts, we developed a study based on data obtained through public sources. It is essential that the information shared in the public debate is not partisan. We made visible the economic scenarios projected by the approval of the regulation and who was affected. Besides them. We detected that the regulation could have an enormous impact on lower incomes and on those living far from urban centers. Social divide. Territorial divide. It affected some of the most vulnerable groups in society. We segmented the results by territory and disseminated their content adapted to the different realities. We shared it with the media, social organizations and territorial associations to generate alliances. Different actors took ownership of the analysis, the institution had a new source of quality information, a problem was anticipated before it could actually generate a problem and we generated a movement participated by different sectors with a shared vision.


The institution took into account the social and territorial gap that would be generated by the new regulation and postponed its approval until finding compensation mechanisms that would avoid a fracture among the most vulnerable citizens. It is essential to connect the particular interest with the general interest. And to do so on the basis of objective diagnoses. And to know how to involve society as a whole in your solutions.

More success stories

One of the main economic sectors is aware that although it contributes a lot of value to society, it is in the middle of many controversies and if it does not change the "chip" it will end up destroying the economic fabric.

A company has made a significant decision: to change its business model. However, in order to be successful, the change must also be perceived by society.