Consolidating business leadership

A company has made a significant decision: to change its business model. However, in order to be successful, the change must also be perceived by society.


Sometimes it seems that making decisions in the management of a company is enough to make things happen in the company. This is a necessary step, but it is not enough. For things to happen, they must also be perceived as happening. And that people inside and outside the organization help you make them happen. And that’s not always the case. In this case, we advised a large company to align its business decision with its capacity for public impact in the new stage. The environment with which it used to interact is no longer the same. New sectoral associations, new interlocutors. And, meanwhile, at the center of the public debate, and with the same problems as always. Addressing such a change requires a great deal of sensitivity to the environment. Understanding the underlying trends. A great capacity to align the business vision with the vision of society. Interacting with leaders from different fields. Positioning as a new actor of reference. Make relevant decisions to change the dynamics of the past. And take advantage of this process of change to gain a lot of legitimacy and reputation.


The company is seen as an example of transformation by the main institutional and social references. The change has been perceived as a natural evolution, aligned with the needs of the environment and contributing to the transformation of our economy.

More success stories

One of the main economic sectors is aware that although it contributes a lot of value to society, it is in the middle of many controversies and if it does not change the "chip" it will end up destroying the economic fabric.

Our client realized that a new regulation could have implications for their business, but that only mattered to them.