Innovating in public policy

One of the main economic sectors is aware that although it contributes a lot of value to society, it is in the middle of many controversies and if it does not change the "chip" it will end up destroying the economic fabric.


Anticipating problems is important to avoid them. Not everyone is always aware of this. In this case, our client is. We are facing one of the main economic sectors in Spain, it creates a lot of employment and activity. But that is not enough. Institutions must weigh the economy with other criteria. And there is an increasing gap between the different visions. The starting point is not easy, because things are going well in this sector. If we look at the short term. And if we think that it will always be like this. To anticipate scenarios, it is essential to involve many people in the reflection. And to do it in time. And so we did. Building a space for reflection with the participation of different agents from the same sector. Institutional representatives. Academia. Social organizations. Without the pressure of the short term. Understanding all points of view. Weighing the different visions. And avoiding the widening of gaps. And their consequences. 


We promoted the main space for conversation about this sector in a territory. Overcoming gaps. Sharing visions. Anticipating problems. And generating a dynamic of interaction between institutions and companies that allows making decisions without the need to overreact. Understanding the different points of view. And understanding that, together, we get further, for longer. And it is better for everyone.

Asociación sectorial

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