The first Spanish advocacy cabinet

Great transformations are achieved from the bottom up. And not just from the top down. That is why we were born. Because in order to promote great changes, society must be involved. That is why we have to understand it. And to be part of it. That is why we came here. Not to do more of the same. We invest time. We do only what we know. We base our work on evidence. And we accept only what we believe in. At beBartlet we advise companies, leaders and organizations to participate in political, economic, cultural or social life and transform our environment through projects with a positive impact.

This is us

An expert, plural and
intergenerational team

Change is our natural habitat. That is why we understand this century better. That is why we value the previous one. We work in an intergenerational logic. With a horizontal structure. With economists, engineers, lawyers, political scientists and journalists. With emerging talent. And with a lot of experience.. In ecological transition, science or innovation. Because these are the challenges of our generation. And the challenges of all of us.. In institutions, the media and social organizations. Because we are plural. And we understand the society’s diversity.

We build spaces for change. We seek solutions. We improve participation. We analyze the context. We contribute to quality public debate.. We generate alliances. Because participation is the basis of our system. Because we live in a complex environment. Because in democracy, different points of view coexist. Because better information contributes to better decisions. Because major transformations involve all of us.

We offer

An innovative approach
to advocacy

Another way of working

We have done it for them, and we can do it for you

We are committed to empathy and agreement as the best way to promote the major changes we need. With a governance model between different management teams to provide you with interdisciplinary and quality advice. Based on a great conversation between companies, institutions and society as a whole.. Because companies do not only sell services or products. Companies are fundamental agents with an impact on our lives. And they must assume their leadership role in society. Without them the world would be worse and with them we can make a better world. Here are some examples.

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A space for social transformation and public policies’ innovation