An innovative approach to advocacy


We don’t want to say that we are very clever, nor do we want to say something that doesn’t mean anything. What do we talk about? We identify, collect and analyze data, turn it into information and transform it into knowledge. What for? To propose things that make sense. We analyze the political, social, institutional or economic context in order to make the best decisions. To have a plan and to know where we are going, we must first be clear about where we are. And we advise our clients throughout the process. In theory and also in practice.

Alianzas y movilización social


Maybe your cause is very good, you have a great business model or an excellent idea, but if you are not able to involve society, it won’t have much of a chance. Because there is no great change that can be made with the public’s back turned. That is why it is important to explain what you do, do what you say and say what you think. It is the best starting point for being credible, and credibility is the best starting point for involving society in the causes you defend. And go further.. Steadily. For longer. And consolidating your position. We help you to do so.

Generación de conocimiento


Democratic societies do not need more propaganda, but better information. And that is where we dedicate part of our time. We help our clients in the preparation of economic analyses, proposals and other types of content that contribute to a higher quality public debate. Because only with a better-informed society can better decisions be made. And only by providing quality content can we become a point of reference. There is a lot of noise and part of our job is to advise our clients in order to draw attention to different topics, contributing value and knowledge to society.


We work with leaders who seek to have an impact. We help them to better understand their context, to draw attention to their work and that of the organizations they represent, to improve their capacities and how to explain their contribution to the general interest or to interact with the environment. With other leaders. Business, social, media or institutional leaders. With other organizations. And with society as a whole. Sometimes we are their analysts of reference, other times we become their advisors of choice and on most occasions, we become their cabinet. Accompanying them hand in hand to contribute to their success..