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beBartlet’s space for social transformation and public policies’ innovation. Let’s launch a mission together.

Mision beBartlet

We are the space for social transformation and innovation in public policies of beBartlet. Let's launch a mission together?


In a world full of gaps and plenty of noise... Where more knowledge, more conversation and more empathy are needed. Trust is the best catalyst for agreements. And trust based on the exchange of knowledge is the best lever for transformation.

We are architects. We build spaces led by politicians, entrepreneurs or civil society giving joint responses to collective problems. Through plural environments of knowledge exchange, we generate complicity and contribute to developing shared criteria. Without spotlights. We promote innovation in public policies. We develop a methodology based on the identification and exchange between traditional and disruptive ecosystems with the aim of building new stable communities over time. We train society’s new leaders. And we help them develop their priorities. With the aim of anticipating scenarios, seeking solutions and transforming the country we want, but above all, the country we need.

Some Missions

We have a (great) shared mission: to find solutions and transform our environment. We have launched some Missions with the support of private companies, institutions and social organizations. Some examples:

A stable community of business leaders, economists and institutions to transform the foundations of our welfare system.

A space to rethink the financial sustainability of art and a pretext to generate interest in the collective, led by entrepreneurs and managers of large companies.

A space for the transformation and exchange of knowledge led by politicians from various parties and from all over Spain to seek long-term solutions to the transformation of the health system.

A plural community made up of companies, activists and institutions to overcome gaps in one of the main transformations underway.

A space promoted by a public institution and formed by other institutions and private companies to lay the foundations for a better development of a strategic sector.

A diverse community, both public and private, of society’s leading new players. They are not students. They are ministers, CEOs, managers or members of the parliament. They talk to each other. They think about the future.

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What do people think of us?

Many leaders from the public and private spheres are participating in our space. They tell us about their experience.


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